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Skating away at ASC


(This picture was taken a few years ago, but the tights were the ones I skied in at ASC)

By Tim Hauserman

Have you ever arrived in an outlandish costume at what you thought was a costume party only to realize that it is not a costume party? Pretty awkward, eh? Yep, I just did that.

December 9th was Captain Nordic Day at Auburn Ski Club (now known as ASC). The event was in honor of Mark Nadell who died last year. Mark was a long time Truckee local, coach of the Alder Creek Middle School nordic team, and nordic photographer extraordinaire. He was also a guy who wore outlandish bright clothing while attending nordic races and events. So I thought, I should ski in my bright tights that were my 80s nordic gear, (and which later became perfect Burning Man attire). I was sure that lots of other folks would be dragging out their old bright stuff to pay homage to Mark. Anybody who skied in the 80s and early 90s has a pile of that stuff stuffed away somewhere, right?

When I arrived at ASC I quickly realized it was a busy place. There were a ton of kids and adults taking classes and out training, and it was awesome to get out on beautifully groomed trails and go for my first skate ski of the season. There were hundreds of skiers, but only one was wearing bright super neon tights. I got to be a unique and special individual.

The good news is it really didn’t matter, because it was so fun to be out skate skiing again. With seven months of lung and leg cobwebs to be burned out I only skied for about an hour. But that was ok, because all is right with the world when you are gliding on snow.

Now if you are looking for what to wish for, for Christmas, how about a few feet of snow at lake level to open up Tahoe XC and Tahoe Donner Cross Country? That’s on the top of my wish list.


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