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There’s Still Time to Visit the Valhalla Holiday Faire!

By Michelle Portesi.

It’s late notice, but if you’re looking for something fun to do today (Sunday, Nov. 19) then head on down to the South Shore of Lake Tahoe for the Valhalla Holiday Faire. Get a jump on your holiday shopping in this old, historic venue. It makes for a very enjoyable outing on a crisp fall day.



Valhalla is the more commonly known name for the old Heller Estate. Located on the lake between Camp Richardson and The Tallac Historic site, it’s away from the usual hustle and bustle of South Shore. The whole area is a treasure trove of vintage Old Tahoe architecture, and as the estates are adjacent to one another, it’s an easy stroll from site to site. If your wanderings work up an appetite, there’s even The Beacon Restaurant that’s a quick walk along the beach from the estates.



I’ll confess, I’ve wandered around the grounds of Valhalla when I’ve been at the Taylor Creek area (adjacent to the Tallac Historic Site) for the salmon spawn in the fall. The buildings are usually closed for the season, so I’ve never actually been inside Valhalla until yesterday. Well let me tell you, what a treat. As a designer, I love vintage ‘Old Tahoe’ architecture, and my heart just breaks a little (OK, a LOT!) when one of these historic old homes gets torn down to make way for another McMansion.  What a blessing it is to have so many of them in our area preserved as state parks and non profit venues.

So this weekend the estate plays host to the Valhalla Holiday Faire and is dressed to the nines in festive garb. It certainly got me in that ‘Ol’ Christmas Spirit’. So be sure to catch this event today from 10 am to 4 pm.



Valhalla’s high season is actually in the summer and is home to the Valhalla Art, Music and Theater Festival where you can spend a warm summer day or evening entertained in their theater in the boathouse. In addition, the site is available for weddings and other gatherings. To learn more about the estate, its events or to book the venue and more, visit their website:


Fall is still fun at Lake Tahoe





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