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The November 2017 Events Calendar Here!

By Michelle Portesi. Well, here we are a few days after Halloween, I just now got the decorations down and just realized that November is already here. YIKES! That means that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! And as…

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Winter is Coming

By Tim Hauserman. So there we were having a lovely and warm September, when boom baby, it snowed! Fall and winter have a habit of doing that. You are paddling on the lake, or enjoying a warm bike ride and…

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Hiking Mt. Tallac

By Tim Hauserman Mt. Tallac is the queen of Lake Tahoe hikes. It’s a classic climb to the top of a peak which provides spectacular vistas of Lake Tahoe, and during the bulk of the route the monster peaks stares…

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Afternoon Thunderstorms

By Tim Hauserman While thunderstorms have always been a part of summer in the Sierra, this summer they seem to have been especially prevalent. While storms can make your outdoor adventures tricky, they also keep the dust down, reduce fire…

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