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I’ll follow the sun.

The Sierra is a beautiful place all year round, but the period between the end of ski season and the beginning of summer can be a challenging period for outdoor recreationists: It is not very Goldilocks. In general there is…

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It’s great being a Tahoe-Truckee parent

Two weeks ago I was at Soldier Hollow, Utah cheering on our Far West Nordic Team at the Junior National Championships. These children are some of the best cross country skiers in the nation, and I was excited and inspired…

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Snow…it’s like white gold!

Folks who live in Tahoe and Truckee all know that snow is a big part of the Tahoe economy…but we didn’t realize how big that impact was until this winter. It is not unusual to go through long periods without…

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Happy Holidays!

 It might seem a cliché to say that it is better to give then to receive. After all, most of us remember fondly that childhood Christmas when were obsessed with getting the perfect gift, like we were Ralphie in “The…

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